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TU-MONG GENERAL TRADING L.L.C is a branch of the TUMONG group of companies, it is considered to be the bridge that connects Turkey with The Gulf Countries. We as TU-MONG GENERAL TRADING import and export a wide variety of food items from and to the MENA region.


TU-MONG MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCY Company is one of the first Turkish-Arabic companies that provide management services for companies in Turkey. The company consists of many experienced personnel that has a solid management experience. We as a TU-MONG MANAGEMENT have an international system that can provide a variety of solutions for companies in Turkey and around the globe.

TU-MONG Group of Companies

We are Glad to provide our customers with High Quality and High Oil Content White Sesame Seed.


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Gedarif Sesame

One of the best products all over the Sesame seeds

Sennar Sesame

One unique seed now available in TU-MONG

Aqalim Sesame

We are Glad to provide our customers with High Quality  Sesame Seed.


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Brown (Red) Sesame

We are Glad to provide our customers with High Quality  Sesame Seed.


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Gedarif Sesame
Sennar Sesame
Aqalim Sesame
Brown (Red) Sesame

2021 Total Export and Import volume:

During 2021 we have exported and imported more than

30,000 TONS

Of various food items.

How we works

TU-MONG has a solid supply chain management system that operates orders and deliveries automatically in order to boost international business growth.

Our Policy

We support both producers and
customers to
optimise the best performance
in the market.

Proven Results

During the Last year,
we have export more than
30,000 tons of different food
items all over the globe.

Our Services
As a trusted international Food supplier, we developed significant expertise identifying and differentiating various
products that will retain their distinctiveness and appeal in international markets.
Because we Import and Export Thousands of Metric Tons of different food products,
We are able to offer Logistical Flexibility and Leverage efficiencies in the supply and demand chain.

Our Team Members